Wushu and Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chinese and exercise for Seniors 

Time: morning

Chinese class for adults

Hearing people say that learning Chinese is very difficult, but Chinese has a history of at least 4000-5000 years, and it is still more and more people interested in it. When you start to learn, you will find that you may learn better than your children, because with the richer social experience, adults are much more sensitive and imaginative to images than children. In terms of pronunciation, Adults are naturally inferior to children, but Chinese characters and language are both auditory and visual systems. Therefore, learning Chinese is no more difficult for adults than for children, and it is a good exercise for the interaction between the left and right brain of the brain.

Brush writing and Chinese painting are also very quiet artistic experiences.

It’s not difficult to make real Chinese food. Do you want to show it to everyone at family gatherings?

Chinese culture is very interesting. There are many stories in this ancient country. Would you like to hear it?

All of these, you can get in touch with college students, business Chinese, and adult Chinese classes.

Business Chinese

Chinese is gradually becoming an important worldwide language. Our business Chinese class (adult Chinese) is a teaching system that circulates from Chinese characters, Chinese culture, daily life, and then to business language. Our teaching complies with the time and level requirements of the Ministry of Education of China as a foreign language, and provides formal business Chinese tests, and can arrange guaranteed business activities or business trips.

After experiencing the impact of the new crown on the world, we adjusted the form of classes, and at the same time online classes and offline classes at home, the same quality, increased class time, and lower prices. When the crisis eased in the world to restore order, it is clear that the Chinese economy did not collapse, we wasted no time during this period, and increases the ability to understand China —- Perhaps this is a potential opportunities for personal development, because China is now in development At this stage, I am happy to associate with people from other countries.

  Our courses are divided into on-site classes and online classes. The standard class method is: each period is 8 weeks, three times a 45- minute online class every three times , taught by a Chinese teacher, and the fourth one-hour class must come to the school to participate in 5-8 Small class of people.

Chinese characters are hieroglyphs, and many characters have graphic inheritance. Learning Chinese can be said to be a process of right brain development. The best time to learn Chinese is before the age of 6 , followed by now. In terms of creativity and intuition, the older you get, the more data you accumulate, the greater the possibility of recombination. Therefore, it can be said that as long as the right brain software is fully developed, the older you are, the easier it is to have new knowledge and insights. Learning Chinese is not only to learn a language and understand a culture, but also to develop your brain and broaden your thinking. For entrepreneurs whose creativity is vitality, learning Chinese is very useful.

When you first learn Chinese, you may not feel comfortable, but you don’t have too many vocabulary to memorize, and the grammar requirements of Chinese are not as many as English. After about one period, you will have adaptability to the language. You will find that Chinese is not difficult at all. Moreover, you are learning with a group of people, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of sticking to one thing.

Business Communication

We will contact the business Chinese class and the actual needs of the business and develop a network or on-site visit and exchange between China and the United States. Please contact us if you have ideas and needs.

From the government to private companies, China attaches great importance to mutual cooperation and investment with the United States. We have professional travel company partners, and you will have a good opportunity to go to China for business investigation and tourism.

Let us now take UPS as an example to see how their cooperation with China is.

UPS entered China through a joint venture with Sino Trans in 1988 , but the company was later acquired.

After becoming the logistics sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, UPS started the Chinese model.

UPS has established two large-scale operation hubs and warehouse facilities in China and Asia respectively in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Established a joint venture company with SF Express, a large Chinese express delivery company, to help UPS penetrate all of China.

No matter how fast China develops or how far it is from the United States, there is no doubt that China is very large, the area is about the same size as the United States, and there are nearly four times more people than the United States . Whoever understands China first has the upper hand.

China internship and recruitment

The following content is an example of the internship program in Shanghai in 2019. Please wait for the updated content to stabilize the exchange after the epidemic.

Project Background

With the increasing development of China’s economy and society, China is moving towards the world with a more active attitude and in an all-round way. The international community, especially the younger generation, pays more attention to China in addition to traditional tourism and study visits. To work and live in China. ” Youth will prosper the country, and the youth will be strong. ” All levels from the government to the enterprise are also actively promoting, setting up a platform for exchanges and learning between youth groups in China and the world. Following the launch of the ” Thousand Internship Program ” between China and France in 2015 to promote youth exchanges between the two countries, in 2018 , China and Germany also signed the “The Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on the Youth Internship Exchange Program” in Berlin. The “Joint Statement of Intent” promotes exchanges between young people from all over the world and China, which is increasingly showing a trend of vigorous development. In recent years, the Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hankao International has established a platform for domestic colleges and universities to study in China, and has been highly praised by domestic double-class universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University. Study and internship work. After our research and integration of various resources, the Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hankao International and Fudan University integrated their respective advantages in language, teaching, channels, etc., and jointly launched the HSK International Youth Internship Program with social-related companies . Use this as a platform to show the world a multi-angle and three-dimensional contemporary China, and help cultivate cross-cultural and cross-regional talents in the context of globalization.


With the increasingly socioeconomic development, China is moving towards the world in an all-round way with a more positive attitude. The international community, especially the young generation, has paid close attention to China by focusing on working and living in China in addition to traditional tourism and visiting schools. “A country will prosper only when its young people thrive”, all levels from government to enterprises are actively promoting the exchange and learning between China and the world’s youth groups.

After China and French started “millenary trainee plan” to promote the youth’s exchanges between two countries in 2015, China and Germany also signed The Joint Intention Statement of the People’s Republic of China Government

and the Federal Republic of Germany Government about the Practice and Exchange Program between Youth to promote the communication of youth between countries around the world and China in 2018. It has been a trend of vigorous development already. In recent years, the Confucius Institute Headquarters / HSK international company has constructed platforms for the foreign students studying in China in many domestic colleges. This program has been spoken highly of and has been taken part in actively by the top colleges like the Tsinghua university, Peking university and Fudan university. To continue to develop and expand study and internship for foreign students in China, through our research and integrate various resources, the Confucius institute headquarters/HSK international company and

Fudan university integrate their advantages in language, teaching, channel and other fields respectively. Finally, they jointly launch the global youth innovation internship program and take this as a platform to show the world a multiangle and three-dimensional contemporary China and to power developing this cross-cultural, trans regional and interdisciplinary talents under the background of globalization.