Chinese Class for Native Speaking Students

There are 4 years in Tongxin Chinese School’s elementary school, with 2.5 hours of class time every weekend, 3 semesters per year, for a total of 46 class sessions in the four years . There are 3 years in Tongxin Chinese middle school, with 2.5 hours of class time every weekend, 2 semesters per year, for a total of 36 class sessions in the three years.

As previously mentioned, there are four years in Tongxin elementary school. After the summer semester of the first grade, all students will be able to read children’s books independently without Pinyin. The second grade focuses on writing exercises. This way, all third graders will be able to pass HSK level 4, and all fourth graders will be able to pass HSK level 5. Throughout the 4 years, students will be tested on 2516 Chinese characters, about the same amount of characters that someone who graduated 6th grade in mainland China would know. The language skills of students who passed four years in Tongxin is on par to students of the same grade in China, while also displaying strong classical literature and translation skills.

In the four years of Tongxin elementary school, there are 20 minutes reserved just to study the great Chinese teachings such as: “San Zi Jing”, “Thousand Character Classic”, “Di Zi Gui”, “Zeng Guang Xian Wen”, “The Analects”, “Great Learning” “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “Mencius”. Students also do exercises in Chinese and English understanding andl translation. Tongxin Chinese School is one of the few overseas schools that teach Chinese classicals.

Tongxin’s three-year Middle School has four courses: Chinese and foreign literature, Chinese and foreign history, classical Chinese, and translation. It is taught by credible professors and is the first overseas high-level Chinese course.

The Tongxin Chinese School’s curriculum is the most effective out of all overseas Chinese schools. Students are taught in small classes, averaging between 5 to 8 people so that teachers can pay individual attention to each of the students, taking full advantage of the strong memory, strong learning subconsciousness, and lack of schoolwork in 6-10 years old. Tongxin Chinese School utilizes the period when English had not been solidified as the child’s main language to quickly instill excellent Chinese skills into them.

Tongxin Chinese School has also established a non-profit organization. Through mutual learning of both the teacher and the student, the program not only exercises the children’s practical application skills in Chinese and English, but also sets up a volunteer base for teens, and creates opportunities for the teenagers to work-study.

Former British Prime Minister Cameron said, “I want Britain linked up to the world’s fast-growing economies. And that includes our young people learning the languages to seal tomorrow’s business deals.”

Influential people both in Europe and the United States don’t hesitate to send their children to learn Chinese. In the future, knowing Chinese will no longer be a special ability, and poor Chinese may negatively affect career development.

Tongxin currently has: 1. weekend online classes, 2. weekend offline classes, 3. Monday to Friday after class, one hour a day, including homework tutoring arrangements, to insure that students can do well in both Chinese and English schoolwork.

Chinese Class For Non-Native Speaking Students

Our Chinese class time is based on the required time by the Chinese Ministry of Education to complete the required level. For example, our YCT ( Youth Chinese Test ) level I requires 40 hours of preparation to pass the standard national test. If a child you know happens to take a Chinese course at school, you can compare his Chinese learning progress. It is very meaningful to join our study or recommend our course to your child’s school. Whether or not someone has taken Chinese classes, everyone says that Chinese is hard to learn. In reality, teaching Chinese the “Chinese way” is quite interesting and not difficult at all. If not, how else would the culture with over 5000 years of history be able to last so long? China is rich and diverse in culture. Having the opportunity to come in contact with Chinese culture is a great pleasure.

China and the United States both have their own strengths and weaknesses. As large economies and cultural powers in the East and the West, it is natural that they have many cultural differences, therefore, strengthening communication and understanding plays a very important role in actively promoting the progress and development of world culture and education, as well as defending world peace. Now that China is rising to power again, good communication means more opportunities and cooperation. We must start with the most basic work and look forward to good development in all aspects.

Private / charter school courses (external courses)

Chinese is a foreign language class that is becoming more and more attractive to students. Many schools have opened Chinese classes. Whether or not the goal of the school is to attract parents or out of an actual interest in Chinese, by using our teaching services, not only do the school not have to hire full-time Chinese teachers, they can also ensure efficient and standardized teaching.

We put the standards published by the country on our website, along with the teaching plan in the student’s folder. We use the textbooks from the testing center, and our curriculum is effective and straightforward. We provide a formal Chinese test examination site. The YCT is a test of student progress.

We teach not only language, but also culture. This is so that students can understand Chinese and China from a comprehensive perspective. Many of our Chinese and American children’s online communication courses, as well as high school and college students’ internships and job opportunities in China, allow students to have exposure to China and chances to apply the Chinese they learned in real life.

We hold national exam centers year round, and getting the exam certificate can often be a discount coupon for participating in exchange activities in China.

Comparison Table of Examination Standards


Chinese for adopted children from China

According to statistics from the relevant adoption management agencies of the U.S. government, the U.S. is the country that has adopted the most Chinese orphans.

Many thanks to the caring American parents for giving a new home to the Chinese children who have lost their families. This is a great and selfless act. Wonderland expresses its deep respect for any who contributed to this.

Many Chinese orphans who have been adopted do not know who they are because they were raised by different families of varying race and environment… I have more or less doubts about my identity, so learning Chinese is good for them.

Most adoptive families in the United States will not hide their children’s life experience. When the children can understand, they will tell them that they are from China, and even take the initiative to instill some Chinese culture in the children, wear traditional Chinese costumes, use chopsticks, and spend Chinese festivals together. Some families even hire Chinese nanny specially to help children deepen the connection with the original culture.

What Wonderland can do now is to halve the Chinese tuition for all children in this foster parent’s family to show our gratitude and respect. In the future, if we can obtain financial support, we will have more benefits in this area.

Summer camp for exams

   This is a rewarding transnational summer camp activity, half is to play, half is to experience and study in China’s top universities, and go to different universities and cities every year. Wonderland has won this award for its high-quality and high-level Chinese teaching and examinations. We will continue to carry out this activity after travel and epidemic prevention are safe.

Recommended Chinese Universities ( Students College Chinese )

Undergraduate Chinese classes are generally prepared for job hunting after graduation, so they are taken together with business Chinese classes (please see the introduction to business Chinese classes), but if you bring your textbooks and wish to make up classes, it is also possible .

American college students are very good in Chinese literature and will definitely be able to get a good job in China in the future. Therefore , having a BCT certificate will help you a lot. Our school will regularly hold the BCT national certificate test, especially for those who have taken Chinese courses in the university, this is a good opportunity.

We have the right to recommend American students who have passed the HSK level 3-5 to go to universities in China. Generally speaking, there are good scholarships.

We can help American college students get the opportunity to go to China for internships, either fresh graduates or a few years after graduation.

Internship Topics:

Accounting, Management, Finance, Law, Marketing/PR, Non-Profit, and IT

We have opportunities available with the following companies ( 2019 ) ( We have new offers update late):

  •                General Electric (GE)- China
  • American Express- Shanghai
  • PetroChina Company Limited
  • China Sinopec Corp
  • China National Machinery
  • com
  •    com
  • com
  • Disney- Shanghai
  • Universal Studios- Beijing
  • China Central TV Station
  • Red Cross- China
  • Jun He Law Firm

Reading and Language arts

Eloquence is not a natural talent, it can be obtained by practicing with correct guidance. In this era of large numbers of talents, there are fierce competition and challenges everywhere, and if you want to stand out, apart from mastering a foreign language skill, eloquence is the most effective of all talents and qualities. In fact, the learning of eloquence can not only help children improve their comprehensive qualities and abilities such as IQ, EQ, and language expression, but also cultivate self-confidence and lay a solid foundation for children’s organizational and thinking skills. Therefore, it is a consensus reached by more and more parents to cultivate children’s eloquence since childhood.

Learning Content:

       The purpose of Mandarin phonetics training and nursery rhymes is to enable children to speak standard Mandarin and improve the coherence of their language expression.

       Recitation and storytelling are conducive to improving children’s language expression and thinking skills.

       Role-playing and hosting, hosting includes self-introduction, radio program hosting, event hosting, etc., to cultivate children’s ability to speak in public, and to experience the fun of hosting.

Note: Debate is a separate course, with bilingual teaching and exercises in both Chinese and English.