Non-profit / after-school Chinese helper

Chinese middle and high school students who are good at Chinese will provide free tutoring for the homework of elementary school students who are learning Chinese after school in the afternoon. This is one of Tongxin’s non-profit projects and is implemented nationwide. Specific information will be given later.

Non-profit / study Chinese aid

To support students in poverty-stricken areas in China, this project is not to use their own pocket money, but to get rewards through learning Chinese. Several Chinese / non-Chinese in a group get together and grow up with Chinese children. The world There are still a lot of poverty and helplessness in the school, and children who have nothing to worry about need to understand and empathize. Specific information will be announced before the start of the event.

Online library

The books in the online library are for the convenience of overseas Chinese children to learn Chinese. Most of them are downloaded from the Internet, and some are purchased. They are free and open. Please do not download or use them for commercial use. If the original author or publisher requests to delete ,Please contact us.