Adult Drawing Morning Weekday Class


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Adult Drawming Morning Weekday Class

$20 per hour, minimum enrollment 5 hours (one week lesson)

Morning adults A班:Mon,Wed,Fri B班:Tues,Thurs,Sat Plus: Sun
1 2 3 4 Adults Chinese 1 2 3 4 Adults Chinese Adults Chinese
8:00-9:00am 太极拳 太极拳 太极拳 Ms.Jiang
9:30-10:30am 防身术 木兰扇 绘画 Ms.Yang 防身术 木兰扇 绘画(no Sat) Ms.Jiang 防身术 Ms.Jiang
11:00-12:00am 武术 木兰扇 绘画 Ms.Yang 武术 木兰扇 绘画(no Sat) Ms.Jiang Ms.Jiang
12:30-1:30pm 太极拳 绘画 Ms.Yang 太极拳 绘画(no Sat) Ms.Jiang 太极拳 Ms.Jiang
1:45-2:45pm*(周六日是 2-3pm) 太极拳 绘画 Ms.Yang 太极拳* 绘画(no Sat) Ms.Jiang* 太极拳 * Ms.Jiang *


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