Chinese children listening and speaking in English

Wonderland American Listening and Speaking focuses on listening and speaking training, and encourages children to talk to foreign teachers instead of repeating the language. It is the best mother tongue level English enlightenment teaching for young children and beginners. The most important thing about English enlightenment is “authentic” without accent. The importance of listening and speaking communication skills is well known. With a good foundation in listening and speaking, learning grammar and reading will become very easy.

The characteristics of this set of tutorials are: extensive reading and intensive reading; regular online classes in small classes every week; independent thinking and speaking; natural grammar integration; you can choose bilingual foreign teachers or pure American foreign teachers.

Under the leadership of the teacher, with teaching materials as the content, there are language exchanges between Chinese and American children of the same age.

Wardland’s tutorial is divided into 5 age groups from 3.5 to 12 years old . For each age group, we will have 10-20 levels, and there will be a small gradual increase in difficulty.

American Chinese learn English

Many people have been in the U.S. for 20 years and still can only move around in the Chinese circle. They can hardly understand English at all. Although some churches and non-profit organizations give some free English courses, these courses are not tailor-made. Adding to the need for work to earn a living, everyone gradually gave up.

   It is more expensive to ask a bilingual English teacher to teach specifically, and ordinary Chinese children are poor in Chinese and not enough to teach, but our children who graduated from the childlike heart are the same as the children of the same grade in China. The Chinese is the same as the Chinese. Absolute mother tongue, the fees are much lower than adult teachers. Although they do not teach grammar according to the methods of teaching English in Chinese schools, it is not a bad thing that they follow the methods of their own teachers in American schools. Therefore, there are Chinese who need to learn English. , You can come to consult.