Evening Classes

The evening of math tutorial classes in English

As we all know, Asian parents attach great importance to their children’s performance, and the United States has an education system that emphasizes the cultivation of talents and all-round development. Therefore, it is necessary for us to spend less time on improving academic performance, and we need to know how to study in a targeted manner. Our teachers themselves have scores in the top 5% of SAT subjects . They are not only good at explaining exercises and helping students improve their scores, but they can also give students good advice and guidance on learning styles and learning attitudes.

Our study group has only 1-3 people. Your child can join at any time. Even if he is the only one registered at this time, he can also pay for the group study and enjoy one-to-one tutoring. Of course, you can also directly choose one-on-one tutoring.

Our tuition is for students from elementary school to high school. It is not a question of sea tactics but a personal explanation. Children can choose their favorite teacher and compare the progress of the stage. We will replace the most suitable teacher in anticipation The highest cost performance and the most effective learning effect.